Nereus in the News – Friday, July 10

This past week, the Nereus Program released a report on the future of the world’s oceans and William Cheung, Co-Director, also published a paper in Science on future oceans under different CO2 emissions scenerios. The following is a list of some of the local and international media coverage.

Nereus Program Report 2015: Predicting Future Oceans – Climate Change, Oceans & Fisheries (READ)

Nippon Foundation (Tokyo press conference coverage): Nippon Foundation Nereus Program Reveals Critical State of World’s Oceans in 2050. June 30, 2015.

CBS News: Climate change could drain global seafood supplies. July 2, 2015

Vancouver Aquarium Ocean Wise blog: Nereus Program Reports on Current and Future Ocean Health. July 3, 2015.

Vancity Buzz: Global warming will affect our fish dinners. July 7, 2015.

Techie News: Global supply of seafood to be affected due to climate change, ocean acidification. July 1, 2015.

The Fish Site: Future Seafood Supply Altered by Climate Change. July 3, 2015.

William Cheung, Nereus Program Co-Director, publishes paper “Contrasting futures for ocean and society from different anthropogenic CO2 emissions scenarios” in Science (READ)

The Vancouver Sun: Rising CO2 levels redistributing the world’s food fish: UBC study. July 2, 2015.

The Guardian: Oceans face massive and irreversible impacts without carbon cuts – study. July 3, 2015.

Business Insider: World must cut pollution to save marine life, study warns. July 2, 2015.

Daily Mail: The Earth’s oceans are DYING: Researchers warn time is running out for marine life due to global warming. July 2, 2015.

CBC News: Polar bears could find last refuge in Canada’s High Arctic as ice melts. July 2, 2015.

CKNW: The Sean Leslie Show w Marcella Bernardo – William Cheung on Climate Change. July 5, 2015.

National Monitor: Global warming fish story — irreversible ocean damage without policy change. July 3, 2015.