Daniel Dunn

Global Fishing Watch Research Workshop

Over the past two years, the Global Fishing Research Program has made great progress, including the publication of almost a dozen papers and the initiation of many more research projects….

Migratory species connectivity across the oceans: COP12 Convention on Migratory Species

Not all fish swim the same way. Some fish will live their whole lives swimming around a tiny home range, while others migrate 5000 km across the Atlantic ocean in just a few months. Even among those that move over large areas, there is a lot of variability.

“Some fish have specific migratory routes, like bluefin tuna — they are most definitely going from point a to point b. They have life stages on either side, breeding in one place and feeding in the other,” says Daniel Dunn, Nereus Program Principal Investigator at Duke University. “Other fish like yellowfin tuna don’t have specific routes — they move and breed across the whole tropical ocean.”

CSIRO Biogeography Workshop

From August 9 to 11, 2017, Daniel Dunn will be attending the CSIRO Workshop on Biogeography. The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) promotes the use of science to…