Thomas Froelicher

Ocean Sciences Meeting 2018

Co-sponsored by ASLO, AGU, and TOS, the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2018 will be held between February 11 and 16, 2018 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. Topics of focus…

Heatwaves in the ocean – ETH Zurich blogpost

Heatwaves are occurring not only on the land but also in the sea, notably “The Blob” in Northeast Pacific and a shorter heatwave on Australia’s west coast in 2010 and 2011. Nereus Alumnus Thomas Frölicher outlines what he calls these “two exceptional heatwaves in the ocean” in his post “Heatwaves in the ocean – a risk to ecosystems?” on the Zukunftsblog – Facts and Views on Sustainability. He discusses the impact these heatwaves have on marine species and ecosystems.

Sources of uncertainties in 21st century projections of potential ocean ecosystem stressors

The ocean has provided incredible services for us — taking up 28% of carbon emissions since preindustrial levels and absorbing 93% of the Earth’s excess heat since the 1970s — but because of this, it is undergoing changes. In order to manage ocean ecosystems and resources in the future, we must begin to understand what those changes may look like using climate change impact projections.