Andre Boustany

Investigating ideal fishing conditions for tuna and swordfish in the U.S. northwest Atlantic ocean

Recently published in Fisheries Oceanography by Nereus Alumnus Andre Boustany (Duke University) and Principal Investigator Patrick Halpin (Duke University) was the study “Tuna and swordfish catch in the U.S. northwest Atlantic longline fishery in relation to mesoscale eddies”. This research looks at the effects of different variables on the catch of tuna and swordfish — including mesoscale eddies, which are a type of ocean current, sea surface temperature and fishing gear used.

The status and future of bluefin tunas in our global ocean: The Bluefin Futures Symposium

by Guillermo Ortuño Crespo

For three days from January 18th to 20th, Monterey, California, has become an aggregation hotspot for more than 100 of the world’s foremost experts on the conservation and management of the three bluefin tuna species that inhabit our global ocean. The Bluefin Futures Symposium represents the first-ever international gathering of leading science, policy, industry and conservation leaders to address the current stock status, research efforts and management uncertainties, topics which hold the key to ensuring the future sustainability of harvesting these ocean predators.

Bluefin Futures Symposium

Nereus Director (Policy) Yoshitaka Ota, Program Manager/Research Associate Wilf Swartz, and Alumnus Andre Boustany will attend the Bluefin Futures Symposium in Monterey, California. Boustany will present on “Migration Patterns and…

Cooking for Solution

Yoshi Ota, Andre Boustany and Quentin Hanich will attend Cooking for Solution Conference organised by Monterey Bay Aquarium