Climate Change

Ask an Expert: How will this year’s El Nino affect oceans and fisheries?

Godzilla. Bruce Lee. The names for this year’s El Nino are growing, as are the fears that this might be the biggest one yet. But what is an El Nino and what effects do they have on oceans and fisheries?

Ryan Rykaczewski, Nereus Program alumni and assistant professor at the University of South Carolina, focuses his research on the responses of ecosystem and fisheries production to past and future climate variability and climate change and has published on the impacts of past El Ninos. Here he explains the basics of El Ninos and why this upcoming one could have destructive impacts on ocean ecosystems, fisheries, and fish and mammal species.

Daniel Pauly and William Cheung published on long term management of threats to the polar regions

Daniel Pauly, Chair of the Nereus Steering Committee and a member of the Advisory Board, and William Cheung, Director of the Nereus Program (Science) and Principle Investigator, have co-authored a paper titled “Polar lessons learned: long-term management based on shared threats in Arctic and Antarctic environments” in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. This paper looks at the threats to the Arctic and Antarctic polar regions, including climate change, pollution, fisheries overexploitation, and invasive species. The paper advises that “until the greenhouse-gas emissions that drive climate change can be reduced, it is crucial to address other threats (including pollution, fisheries overharvesting, and invasive species) that interact with climate change.”

Key lessons from the “Our Common Future under Climate Change” conference

by Mathieu Colléter, Nereus Fellow

I had the great opportunity of spending the last three weeks in France to attend two conferences: the 12th French fisheries scientists’ symposium in Montpellier, and “Our Common Future under Climate Change” scientific conference in Paris (CFCC). This was an insightful experience, and since this is my debut performance in the universe of blogging, I would like to share this by highlighting some of the main aspects of the presentations delivered in the beautiful city of Paris.

Nereus Report: Predicting Future Oceans — Climate Change, Oceans & Fisheries

A report entitled “Predicting Future Oceans: Climate Change, Oceans & Fisheries” newly released by the Nereus program, an international interdisciplinary research program aimed at predicting future oceans, suggests that future seafood supply in the world will be substantially altered by climate change, overfishing and habitat destruction if we do not take actions.

Download (PDF, 1.27MB)