Nereus in the News – Friday, September 23

Radical fishing futures

As part of his Nereus Program fellowship, Andrew Merrie (Stockholm Resilience Centre) created four radical science fiction futures for global oceans and fisheries. This week, Wired published the illustrations created by Simon Stålenhag to accompany these narratives.

“Dystopia can be very disempowering,” Merrie told Wired. “So we mixed dystopian and utopian elements to show humans’ response capacity. These narratives have people able to come together in new ways to have a more sustainable future.”

Revenue losses due to climate change

A study recently published in Scientific Reports by Nereus Program researchers found that global fisheries could lose $10 billion a year in revenue if climate change continues in a “business-as-usual” fashion. This study continues to garner media attention, including in:

NEWS 1130 (Vancouver): “UBC study warns climate change could cost fishing industry billions”
The Ubyssey: “Study: Climate change could make fisheries lose boatloads of money”
Conservation magazine: “Banning High Seas Fishing Could Increase Nearshore Stocks”

Image: Muguraan by Hani Amir, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

Image: Muguraan by Hani Amir, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.