“Limits of the Oceans” Symposium A Success

From December 21 to 22 , 2017, Principal Investigators from new partner institutes of the Nippon Foundation-Nereus Program convened in Tokyo to present research and engage in rich discussions of the various challenges facing the world’s oceans. Speakers covered a diverse range of topics, including climate change impacts on marine ecosystems, the role of fisheries and food security in the South Pacific islands, and the complexity of social responsibility in seafood supply chains. By intertwining the natural and social sciences, participants explored how interdisciplinary research can generate new scientific understandings and policy innovations towards ocean sustainability.

Highlights & Further Reading:
Bestselling science writer Paul Greenburg delivered a compelling keynote speech on the relationship between people and seafood. Exciting new collaborations with expert designers and storytellers to extend the reach and deepen the impact of the Nereus Program’s work were also forged. Read more about the symposium in this article published in The Daily, a University of Washington publication.

Nereus Program Co-Director and UW Professor Yoshitaka Ota Ph.D., (left) moderates a panel of Nereus fellows during a Q & A session with the audience at the Nereus Symposium in Tokyo, Dec. 21, 2017. Photo by Colby K. Neal