Fundamentals of Structural Equation Modelling Workshop

Jessica Spijkers, Nereus Fellow at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, attended a workshop on the Fundamentals of Structural Equation Modelling at the University of Melbourne from January 30 to February 3. The workshop, organized by the Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research, provided an overview of structural equation modelling (SEM) and its many applications and capabilities. It was lead by Mark Griffin, the Founding Director of the Australian Development Agency for Statistics and Information Systems.

SEM is a very general statistical model and widely used method which can be represented visually. Spijkers is currently looking at where, why and with what social-ecological consequences international conflicts over shared fish stocks occur. She aims to develop scenarios for future conflict under climate scenarios to develop recommendations on how to cope with and adapt to change, how to reduce the risk of conflict, and increase the prospects for sustainable, equitable use of shared marine resources.

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