EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2017

Nereus Program Fellow Jessica Spijkers attended the 2017 EAT Stockholm Food Forum, hosted between June 12 and 13, 2017. At the conference, 500 of the world’s leading experts from the science, business, politics, and civil society fields gathered to collaborate on transforming the food system to solve the interconnected challenges of climate, sustainable development, and health.

On June 12 at 11:30am, Spijkers assisted in giving a talk at the ‘Food can Fix it’ session. During this session, experts addressed the questions regarding which food system(s) might trigger transformative change in terms of malnutrition, climate change, and sustainability through changes to the food value chain. Participants of this session discussed ways in which to shift the values of food systems away from production output and profit, and towards equity and quality. Spikers’ talk was focused on “Sustainable Development Goals & the Sustainable Seafood Stewardship Initiative.”

The EAT Foundation was launched in March of 2016 in collaboration between the Stordalen Foundation, the Stockholm Resilience Centre, and the Wellcome Trust. The primary objective of the foundation is to reform the global food system and enable us to feed a growing global population with healthy food from a healthy planet through health, science, policy and sustainability guidance from experts and decision makers.