CreativeMornings, Seattle, with Principal Investigator Hanson Hosein

Hanson Hosein discusses creative outputs and content and how they’re changing in the year 2017 at a CreativeMornings talk in Seattle on September 8. He was the September speaker on the topic of “compassion”.

Hosein is a new Nereus Program Principal Investigator at the University of Washington. He is the Director of the Communication Leadership program and will be working with Nereus to develop communication strategies. At the 24:00 min mark, Hosein discusses how to make big issues like climate change more relatable, by building narratives and actionable steps, without threatening identities or causing anxiety.

University of Washington

Hanson Hosein is a pioneer of creative entrepreneurship through communication technologies. As Director of the Communication Leadership program at the University of Washington since 2007, he has led a powerful graduate learning experience for professionals from around the planet. Hanson is a former NBC News war correspondent, backpack journalist and investigative producer, with Emmy and Overseas Press Club awards.