AMEMR Conference 2017

Nereus Program Fellow Phil Underwood (Cambridge-WCMC) attended the Advances in Marine Ecosystem Modelling Research (AMEMR) Conference, which took place between July 3 and July 6, 2017 at the Roland Levinsky Building of the University of Plymouth. The conference presented attendees with opportunities to present, discuss, and share knowledge about an array of marine modelling challenges, methods, applications, and outcomes. Given that marine modelling techniques serve as fundamental tools in understanding marine ecosystems, and that modelling methodologies are constantly evolving, collaboration at the conference thus acted as a networking hub to improve our collective understandings of marine ecosystems.

On July 4, Underwood participated in a poster session where he presented his research that integrates Sea Around Us Project catch data in to the Madingley ecosystem model. Underwood’s project is grounded on the intention of improving the ecological realism of the Madingley Model in order to more accurately generate future projections of fisheries in a global context and to validate the use of the Madingley Model as a policy informing tool in relations to fisheries and food security. Read more about Underwood’s project here.

Further information about the AMEMR Conference can be found here.