4th International Marine Protected Areas Congress

Between September 4 and 8, 2017, the 4th International Marine Protected Areas Congress, IMPAC 4, was hosted in Chile. The purpose of IMPAC 4 was to integrate and connect relevant actors across the oceans for MPA development by addressing the following themes: engaging youth in Marine Protected Areas, Marine Protected Areas in the high seas, challenges for Marine Protected Areas in polar and sub-polar ecosystems, and the role of Marine Protected Areas in reducing the impacts of natural disasters.

On Thursday September 7, a session on “The Global Ocean Biodiversity Initiative:Enhancing the utility of EBSAs for area-based management” was held. At this session, Nereus Program Principal Investigator Daniel Dunn (Duke) delivered a presentation on “Advancing a scientific design for a network of protected areas on the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge.” Additionally, Dunn and Nereus Principal Investigator Patrick Halpin (Duke) gave a presentation on “Mapping migratory connectivity on the High Seas to inform area-based planning” at the session.