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September 2015

Subsidy Equals Submission? Cultural Subsidies and Ecologically Sustainable Development

By Lisa Maria Dellmuth, Senior Nereus Fellow
Stockholm Resilience Centre

It is common practice among Western democratic societies to supply art and cultural goods on a public basis. This practice has led many politicians to view art and culture as political instruments in promoting pro-environmental norms. A prime example is the current debate in Europe about whether state involvement in art and culture implies that cultural activities should advocate the idea of ecologically sustainable development.

Daniel Dunn on oceanic fronts and seamount productivity in Fish and Fisheries

Daniel Dunn, Nereus Senior Research Fellow in the Marine Geospatial Ecology Lab at Duke University, has published a paper on how environmental conditions and oceanic fronts promote seamount, underwater mountain, productivity. “A perspective on the importance of oceanic fronts in promoting aggregation of visitors to seamounts” (PDF) was published in Fish and Fisheries.

Nereus in the News – Friday, September 11

“Climate Change Shifting Fish Reproduction Timing In Southern California Current”, published in FishSens magazine, highlights a study by Rebecca Asch, Nereus Fellow at Princeton University, on the effects of climate change and natural variability on fish reproduction.

William Cheung published on food web and fisheries in Xiamen Bay, China

William Cheung, Director of the Nereus Program (Science) and Principle Investigator, has published two papers on Chinese marine areas, including on the impacts of fishing on the mean trophic level and comparing trophic structure.

“Impacts of fishing on the marine mean trophic level in Chinese marine area” has been published in Acta Ecologica Sinica.